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Agriculture is traditionally regarded as a male profession, but those in the industry know that women are playing an influential role in developing the growth of agriculture in Africa. Magda du Toit, the corporate engagement and communication manager for Monsanto SA is one of those women – what sets her apart is her passion for agriculture.


How long have you been in agriculture and where did it all start?

About 30 years. It all started when I was a journalist for a local newspaper in Bela-Bela where I had to attend farmer’s day events and to report on various agricultural topics within the community. I was offered a position at the Department of Agriculture and I have never looked back.


When did you join Monsanto SA and what is your role?

It’s been 17 years now since July 2000. I know it’s a long time for someone to stay at one company and some people may not approve, but I’m happy here and I love what I do. Monsanto is a wonderful company to work for and there are lots of opportunities for growth. I am currently the corporate engagement and communications manager for South Africa, responsible for media liaison and industry relations. I love interacting with farmers and the agricultural community.

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