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Agri SA is committed to the Operation Phakisa process but will not allow it to be hijacked for sectarian and narrow political agendas by President Jacob Zuma or any other politician, the agricultural union said on Saturday.

Jacob ZumaPresident Jacob Zuma had contradicted the good work done in Operation Phakisa with confusing political rhetoric, Agri SA said in a statement.

WATCH: President Zuma launches Operation Phakisa

The launch of the agriculture, land reform, and rural development leg of Operation Phakisa on Friday by Zuma and the ministers of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries and rural development and land reform was the net result of wide consultation and extensive engagement over a period of six months between organised agriculture, government officials, agriculture experts, labour unions, non-governmental organisations, state entities, and various other stakeholders with vested interests in agriculture, Agri SA said.

Seven working groups were established and came up with 27 implementable and pragmatic initiatives aimed at growing and transforming the agricultural sector. This process took place under the auspices of the presidency and a range of specialists ensured that every initiative was practically feasible, sustainable, and commercially viable.

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