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Why insurance is a must-have for farmers MoneyWeb - Alex J Coyne

Why insurance is a must-have for farmers MoneyWeb - Alex J Coyne

Sasria is a trusted specialised short-term insurance company that offers cover for special risks and losses arising from occurrences such as civil commotion, public disorder, labour unrest, strikes, riots and terrorism.

We sat down with Sasria’s acting head of customer relations management Letlhogonolo Tau to find out more about the forms of insurance they offer to the agricultural sector and why this plays an important role in sustaining South Africa’s long-term food security.

“It is difficult to secure a farm,” says Tau. “You can imagine a 50-hectare farm – because of the size of the property, the farmer has a high level of exposure to risks, which can result in significant damage to both personal and commercial assets.

“If there was a labour dispute on the farm and labourers go on strike and, given the increasingly violent nature of demonstrations in recent months, this can result in fences being cut and livestock being stolen or killed, as well as the farmer’s assets and produce being damaged. This would leave the farmer liable for the losses.”

Noting that there has been an increase in the number of strikes and riots taking place in the agricultural sector, Tau emphasises that it’s vital for farmers to be aware of this and the necessity to undertake Sasria cover to protect their assets.

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