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Agri SA’s Rural Safety Committee yesterday met with a high-level police delegation and other representatives of the country’s security forces for in-depth discussions and planning regarding various rural safety aspects that threaten the security of the farming community.  “We appreciate the police’s involvement and the seriousness with which they regard the agricultural community’s safety”, said Agri SA President, Johannes Möller.

Agri Noord Kaap - Farm murdersThe unacceptable situation regarding farm attacks and murders, which have serious consequence for the farming community, received specific attention. The committee warned that farm attack and murder statistics should be used cautiously so as to not stir up emotions unnecessarily.  

“The incorrect use of statistics leads to restlessness within the agricultural community.  An analysis of recent farm murder statistics reported in the media shows that some of these murders, according to definition of a farm attack, are not farm murders.  The incidence of recent farm murder speaks volumes about the sustained criminal onslaught on farmers, farm workers and their families, which is clearly not conducive for food security in South Africa and the stability of rural areas”, said Möller.
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