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Sunday 3 May 2015 20:48


Rural Development Minister, Gugile Nkwinti, has acknowledged that there are challenges related to emerging farmers across the country.

He held a meeting with discouraged emerging farmers, who have called on government for assistance, around Upington, Northern Cape.

The farmers told Nkwinti that inexperience had cost them greatly, with some losing everything but they believed that proper infrastructure, mentorship and financial assistance would change their fortunes.

“I am happy that you told me this, I will follow up. I would like to come and meet with them especially farmers like these ones so that we can assist them and become more productive. These farmers really need support apart from mentorship. So I am very happy to visit them and talk to them and see how we can assist them.”

Government has committed itself to assisting the emerging farmers and it still remains to be seen whether they will keep their promise.

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