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The African Farmers Association of South Africa in the  Northern Cape, says over thirty farmers they represent have quit the farming sector. This, as a result of the persistent drought and inadequate rainfall. Last year, South Africa faced the worst drought ever.  

The province is one of the eight declared drought disaster areas.AGRI NK - Pray for Rain

Consumers are heavily dependent on farmers for food security and their livestock for meat. And if farmers are faced with a dire situation, so are consumers.

South Africa is still recovering from the worst drought it experienced last year. Farmers nationwide lost millions worth in the process on their livestock. Some held prayer sessions – asking for divine intervention.

The government also had to intervene – putting aside a relief fund of R20 million for farmers. Although everybody played their part – to ensure farmers get back on their feet again – it now seems as if the situation is deteriorating.

Agri Northern Cape

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