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Agri SA is calling on the corporate sector and public to contribute to the Drought Relief Fund as their office is inundated with calls for drought relief assistance from commercial and emerging farmers. Contributions will go to the purchasing of feed pellets and the transportation thereof to farmers in need.

Agri Noord Kaap - Drought stricken commercial farmers in need of assistance

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Another big concern to Agri SA is the fact that more and more highly productive and successful commercial farmers are struggling to make ends meet. We appeal to our commercial banks and agribusinesses to find ways and means to prevent large-scale bankruptcies amongst these farmers. We also appeal to the government for assistance as these farmers have played a crucial role to produce food on a large scale for the commercial market.

It’s especially farmers in parts of the Northern Cape, Free State and North West, Eastern Cape and Western Cape that face a severe crisis currently and who are in desperate need of financial assistance. They can no longer afford to buy animal feed and lack the cash flow to keep farm operations going. Boreholes on many farms are also starting to dry up and animals are dying. Farm workers and their families also have a desperate need for humanitarian assistance.

The continuous devastating impact of the drought in parts of South Africa has a very negative and destructive effect on the socio-economic fiber of many rural communities. Losing more and more of our commercial farmers who are the backbone of economic growth and job creation will just exacerbate the conditions of poverty and unemployment.

Agri SA is appealing to the corporate sector and the general public to contribute towards the Agri SA Drought Relief Fund because our farmers need our assistance now more than ever.

Updated report about Agri SA’s drought relief assistance provided to farmers:

Drought stricken commercial farmers in need of assistance
Drought stricken commercial farmers in need of assistance
Drought stricken commercial farmers in need of assistance

The shortage of winter fodder is a real problem and any contributions are greatly appreciated by the public. Further disbursements from the drought fund will be made in August and September to provinces that experience a severe shortage of winter feed.

For more details contact Christo van der Rheede: 012 643 3400 or christo@agrisa.co.za

Agri Noord Kaap

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