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New financing model needed for farmers – Vink2015/08/26
It was crucial that a feasible financing model be found to help new farmers, said Prof Nick Vink, chair of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Stellenbosch, at Agri Northern Cape’s recent congress in Kimberley.
Sitrus: SA doen genoeg vir swartvlek!2015/08/27
ʼn Europese agentskap sê Suid-Afrika doen meer as genoeg om die verspreiding van swartvlek in sitrus na die EU te voorkom.
Bone dry in the Free State2015/08/27
Water levels in most Free State dams are dangerously low, posing a serious threat to food security.
Absa Agri Trends 21 August 2015

A 13 million ton production year is required for lower maize prices
A multi-year analysis of the supply and demand of maize shows that South Africa may still have to import maize during the 2016/17 marketing year ending April 2017 irrespective of an improvement in rainfall and production.

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