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Making smallholder farming work
Introducing best-farming practices to developing agricultural communities heavily reliant on manual labour or outdated methods, can dramatically increase productivity, sustainability and job opportunities
 Black farmers inundate minister at summit

AGRICULTURE, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana was on Monday caught off guard when black commercial farmers took him up on his offer for open communication with his office, bombarding him with questions and complaints.

SARB: Inflation is “uncomfortably high”
South Africa’s deputy central bank governor Daniel Mminele said on Tuesday that inflation was “uncomfortably high” and could increase further.
Handelaars ‘moet kleinboere help’
Handelaars moet kleinboere help finansier om tegnologie en toerusting te bekom vir goeie produklewering, en volgehoue steun is nodig.
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