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Uitsonderlike wynoes, terwyl plaaslike verkope groei – 20/03/2015
Die 2015 Suid-Afrikaanse wyndruifoes lyk belowend en plaaslike wynverkope is die hoogste in 20 jaar. Uitvoere en winsgewendheid van wynprodusente en kelders bly egter ʼn uitdaging.
Farm vaccines shortage could cost billions – 20/03/2015
As if the drought were not bad enough farmers are facing a potentially disastrous vaccine shortage at a time when several outbreaks of animal diseases have been reported.
Saving SA’s poultry industry is worth doing– 20/03/2015
THE past couple of weeks have seen lively interaction on poultry-related issues affecting the review of the extension of the US’s African Growth and Opportunity Act. The importance of the act for the economies of sub-Saharan Africa, including SA, as well as the US, is well documented and it is critical that it be extended for a further 15 years, with SA among the beneficiaries.
Request for Eskom tariff increase of more than 25% – 20/03/2015
ESKOM wants tariffs to go up 25.3% from July 1 — double the expected hike — and plans to ask the National Energy Regulator of SA to process a new application.
Wine harvest 4% down, but quality outstanding – 19/03/2015
South Africa’s 2015 wine harvest was expected to conclude at the end of this month with 75% of the grapes already harvested by mid-March. 
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