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Land reform in Ceres: farmers give away 30% – 18/03/2015
A recently launched land reform initiative in the Western Cape’s Witzenberg region has the potential to become one of South Africa’s greatest success stories in agricultural transformation.The farmer-driven project requires little support from government but substantial buy-in from commercial producers.
Staat moet plig doen oor grond – Kwanalu– 19/03/2015
Die Regering moet sy rol nakom in grondhervorming, want boere kan en sal dit nie op hul eie doen nie, sê mnr. Mike Black, voorsitter van Kwanalu.
Proposed changes to gun control laws prove explosive – 16/03/2015
TEMPERATURES continued to rise around the proposed changes to gun control laws on Monday with the South African Gun Owners’ Association (Saga) warning that they could lead to substantial noncompliance and the criminalisation of legal gun owners.
SABI: Take responsibility for water you use
South Africa’s theme for National Water Week “Water has no substitute” is a stark reminder of the fact that the amount of water available per person in South Africa is actually diminishing as our population and economy grows, increasing the demand for water, so says SABI (South African Irrigation Institute).
Mbeki: coalition needed to provide credible opposition19/03/2015
If rival parties want to take the ruling party to task, they should work in coalition with the private sector and organised labour.
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