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Newsletter of the WFO:  The Seed, Issue n.06, June 2015
Dr. Evelyn Nguleka elected President of the WFO at the 2015 General Assembly, 24-26 June 2015
After having covered the functions of Acting President of WFO for the past eight months, on June 25, Dr. Evelyn Nguleka was officially elected by the WFO’s General Assembly as the new president of the WFO. The election of a woman at the head of the agriculture worldwide is a big news and highlights the importance of the role, too often hidden, women play in agriculture as well as in fighting hunger in the world.
Meer spoed, minder sleur vir sybokhaar – 2015/07/09
Die Sybokhaartrust is nou die inklusiewe strategiese bedryfsliggaam wat die septer in dié bedryf sal swaai.
In Numbers: Global food security– 2015/07/09
31% is what SA maize production is expected to fall by in 2015, from 2014’s yield, according to the World Food Programme. The drop, caused by low rainfall, could push food prices higher.
Absa Agri trends:  2015/07/03
The latest of Agoa in a nutshell
The USA permits 40 percent of the products it imports from South Africa to enter the United States duty free under the African Growth and Opportunity Act. However, the South African Poultry Association fears that an increase in the import of US poultry products will destroy the local industry and cost South Africa thousands of jobs. Therefore, the poultry industry and suppliers to the industry supports the continued imposition of punitive antidumping duties against US poultry products.
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