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Agri SA veroordeel Elsenburg kampusgeweld – 2015/09/02
Daar moet onmiddellik ‘n einde gemaak word aan die wanorde en destruktiewe optrede wat toegelaat word by Elsenburg Landboukollege. 
Restitution should not stop investment and growth in rural areas – 2015/09/02
With the restitution claims process having been reopened and new claims streaming in, Agri SA has called on the Restitution Commission and Government to address the restitution of land rights in a way that does not inhibit growth and investment in rural areas. 
Call for unity in agriculture at Agri SA congress – 2015/09/02
Agri SA was working on a strategy for unity in SA agriculture, according to Omri van Zyl, Agri SA’s designated CEO. 
Omri van Zyl en Christo van der Rheede gesels op OFM se Agri Fokus– 2015/08/17
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