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AGRI NK - CrimeThe farming communities of Umvoti in KwaZulu-Natal and Colesberg in the Northern Cape have implemented additional security measures to safeguard themselves against crime. This follows after the Agri Securitas Trust Fund made a financial contribution to these communities to erect number plate recognition cameras and a radio repeater in their respective areas. These systems will be used to monitor access and improve radio communication among members.

“Amidst various challenges, including the negative impact of crime on their businesses, farming communities depend on agriculture for their livelihood and are finding it increasingly difficult to survive and continue with production. It remains difficult to explain to those who must produce sufficient food as their primary responsibility that they also have to ensure their safety,” said Japie Grobler, chairman of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund.

With these contributions, the Trust Fund tries to help farming communities to take precautionary steps rather than reactive measures. “By helping them to create a safer production environment, the Trust Fund wants to make a proactive contribution towards keeping farming communities safer and maintaining production to feed the country’s growing population,” said Grobler.

These security projects once again serve as proof of the farming communities’ willingness to look after their safety and to address the crime problem based on unique solutions for their specific area. In the process, effect is given to some important objectives of the Rural Safety Strategy, namely to improve rural communities’ safety and security and to implement systems to address crime.

The Trust Fund cannot perform this task alone and therefore acknowledges the financial assistance provided by its strategic partners, namely Nissan SA, Sanlam, CrisisOnCall and Sonfin.

Issued by Agri SA, Directorate: Corporate Liaison

Japie Grobler, Chair, Agri Securitas Trust Fund, 0828258018
Kobus Visser, Director: Corporate Liaison, Agri SA, 012-643 3400 or 082 388 0010

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