AbsaABSA – At ABSA AgriBusiness, we believe in nurturing lasting relationships with our clients to put them on the journey to success. When you partner with ABSA, you are not partnering with just any bank, you are partnering with a bank that is here for you to prosper. You can contact Thomas Harvey the ABSA Agri Provincial Manager on email thomasha@absa.co.za or mobile +27 82 419 6027 for more information.


Click on the links to download the ABSA Agri Trends –
ABSA Agri Trends Livestock and Fibre
ABSA Agri Trends Grains and Veggies




QWKGWK – GWK is a success story that was made possible by the loyal support of our shareholders as well as the passion and dedication of our employees. We look forward to building forth on this achievement and believe that, together, we will achieve even greater success in the future.




LandbankLand Bank – Land Bank is a development finance institution whose mandate is to support, promote and facilitate the development of the agricultural sector.





Standard BankStandard Bank – As a bank for which sustainability is a core strategy across all its divisions, Standard Bank is committed to finding sustainable financial solutions to maintain agricultural production and processing and so-doing ensure the sustainability of the agricultural industry.

TotalTotal SA – Total SA has been associated with agriculture for more than 50 years. It is for this reason we are very proud to continue to be part of this farming community.The journey that we started together will continue for many years to come.





VoxVox Telecom – Vox is grateful for the support it receives from the agricultural community and is committes to adding more value to rural communication.

SantamSantam – Effective risk management (in the form of adequate crop and asset insurance) is of utmost importance – and this is where Samtam Agriculture can make a differnece and can help farmers to ensure a sustainable future.





OldmutualOld Mutual – Old Mutual is there to help you create certainty for your farming operation, your family, your future and legacy by offering financial advice.



PWCPWC – Agribusinesses today operate in a globalised world. With change as the only constant, companies and individuals can reach around the world faster, further, deeper and at lower cost than ever before. We applaud Agri Northern Cape for their continued efforts to do pre-empt their impact rather than sitting back and waiting for the results.




OVKOVK – OVK has mechanisms in place to assist producers with the ability to survive financially in difficult times. The sustainability of agriculture in South Africa is very important to OVK and this is what we and our shareholders strive for. we all have a responsibility to remain positive about agriculture!




SenwesSENWES – Producers care for the country. We do what we do because we have a love and passion for the soil and also to feed the nation.




SKASKA – SKA South Africa greatly values our cooperation with the community of the Karoo and with Agri Northern Cape. We look forward to making this partnership even stronger.




StatistiekStatistics SA – Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is proud to work in collaboration with Agri Northern Cape over the years. The partnership has strengthened and resulted to a good support, in particular through participation by Agri Northern Cape in Stats SA surveys.




FNBFNB – At FNB we know that a dynamic agricultural sector requires innovative financial solutions and that every region has unique needs and challenges. For this reason, FNB employs a team of bankers who specialise in agriculture and are assigned to specific regions. Every member of our team is a specialist in respect of his/her region’s farming activities. If your farming business aims high, we can help you to reach new heights.




KLKKLK Agriculture Ltd – KLK Agriculture Ltd is a diversified agricultural company that supplies products and services to farmers, mainly within the geographical region of the Northern Cape.




AgrifriendAgrifriend – Our company has vast knowledge and experience, with an established clientele base.





Kaap AgriCape Agri – The people-oriented staff at Cape Agri wish Agri Northern Cape the very best.



EskomESKOM – Eskom believes that the importance of the agricultural sector extends beyond electricity consumption by primary agriculture, i.e. what happens on the farm. Eskom sees the agricultural sector as the backbone of all the sectors.




OmniaOMNIA – Omnia Fertilizer produces granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers for a broad customer base of farmers, co-operatives and wholesalers throughout southern and East Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Our world-class laboratories and production facilities enable us to provide our clients with products that comply with strict standards, supported by extensive research.




NedbankNedbank – Your client service team at Nedbank is led by a skilled relationship manager who is dedicated to your business and supported by an agriculture specialist who has in-depth knowledge of your local environment. We offer a range of solutions tailored to the needs of the agri-industry and facilitate black economic empowerment transactions to ensure sustainable growth of these businesses.




SAWSAW – We pride ourselves on keeping up with all new technologies concerning rotating machines, which keeps our agricultural customer at the forefront of modern technology and sustainable farming. Thank you very much for your continued support of our business in the repair and supply of new electric motors, variable speed drives, pumps, gearboxes, fans, solar and power generation systems.



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