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Agri Northern Cape is committed to, true to its mission as an organization by dynamic service and credible actions to promote the welfare of its members sustainable in harmony with the environment and people in dependency of the High hand.

It is expected that organized agriculture to play an increasingly important role. The main link in the chain, namely the farmers on the ground will play the decisive role in this regard and everything will depend on their support and involvement.

Aside from quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits negotiated organized agriculture, there are many other reasons why it is necessary for a farmer to get involved in organized agriculture, the following surely the most important are: –

The whole structure of organized agriculture rests on the tiller. The farmer on his farm and his involvement in his agricultural society, industrial organization and agribusiness work by the district organization and provincial agricultural union (Agri NC) to AGRI SA at the national level. It provides each farmer the opportunity to participate and bring responsibility.

The processes by which and the speed with which the Government is to make changes on our farmers’ land rights, water rights, taxes, marketing, agribusiness, international trade, law and order, finance and labour required very knowledgeable input and skilled negotiation. The farmer as an individual is powerless to play any positive role in matters that affect him. He needs an organization that can act on his behalf.

The new government is trying to rewrite any law. It does not help to sit as an individual on the sideliners and criticize; you have no influence on the game. Therefore, there should be a structure that could be involved on behalf of agriculture and he needs knowledgeable people to negotiate on his behalf.

Some of the change can be positive and constructive and other can act very negatively on commercial agriculture and individuals. Even to such an extent that could affect or destroy profitability of agricultural intense.

Organised agriculture is recognized by all sectors and particularly by the Government of the day as a mouthpiece for the agricultural community. Therefore it is imperative that our organization, as is currently the case, representing the majority of commercial farmers and it is important to expand our membership even further.

Our organization can rightly claim that he is the spokesman for the farmers.

We will our organization (including must set the whole spectrum from agricultural associations to provincial and national level) will be able to show him strong, fearless and competent leaders. It is unfortunately associated with financial implications. To provide satisfactory service is not free. We need a skilled workforce at the provincial level to keep the administration in progress. We cannot expect our leaders to run out of their own pockets agribusiness – we will simply not have skilled agricultural leaders at our disposal. It is true that many cases, unfortunately, not only deal with agricultural association level and cannot be solved – let alone to resolve certain policy issues at farm level. Therefore, we have an agricultural association, agricultural union, provincial agricultural union Agri SA and necessary.

Agriculture in South Africa is still an important sector despite its relatively small contribution to the gross domestic product. The sector is an important provider of jobs, especially in rural areas, as well as an important earner of foreign exchange.

Agriculture’s indirect prominent role in the economy is a function of backward and forward linkages with other sectors. Purchases of intermediate goods and services are backward linkages with the manufacturing sector, while forward linkages mainly established through the supply of raw materials to industry. About 70% of agricultural output is used as intermediate products. Agriculture in its own rights an important sector and a key driver for growth in the rest of the economy – a fact which is also recognized in policy-related documents such as the National Development Plan 2030.

In essence confirmed the National Development Plan the need for the agricultural sector – be it a developing or commercial – to continue to be given the space to economic growth, employment, earning foreign exchange and the development of the industrial sector in a safe and non-discriminatory environment maximally support.

Due to an unacceptable level of crime and violence in rural areas, aims the organization prosecuted to ensure a safe environment for people involved in agriculture. A good working relationship is maintained with the South African Police Service (SAPS) on policy and operational level with a view to addressing related problems.