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Personal message – Annatjie Hibbert

Radio Pulpit Visioton and Agri Noord Kaap for the farmers.

We are a group of people that will be hiking 21-27th March in the Northern Karoo.  We want to use the opportunity to give back to the community and want to raise funds towards the drought.  We want to contribute to the affected households, farms and animals.  We want to ensure that we help our farmers to never lose Hope and show that we care.  We want to achieve our target by the 27th March 2020.

Reaching my target would mean that we will touch many lives of farmers in the Karoo and save and feed the animals. We will contribute to save our farms in the Northern Karoo. Radio Pulpit touches so many lives daily.  It will give the community back their respect and Hope.

20% of the funds will go towards Radio Pulpit
40% of the funds will go towards the Farmers families
40% of the funds will go towards feeding the animals


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