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Agri SA noted the statement by the ANC that 139 farms will be targeted for expropriation without compensation. The ANC said previously that they wanted to test the limits of section 25 of the Constitution regarding the compensation in the courts.

“Agri SA will closely monitor this situation and will be involved in test cases where principles of compensation will be clarified,” said Dan Kriek, President of Agri SA. “Agri SA has already been involved in such matters and will not hesitate to do it again. It is the courts’ duty to interpret legislation and the Constitution. ”

It is a priority for Agri SA to get more clarity on which farms will be targeted. The principle of compensation for expropriation is recognized internationally, although there are different standards for remuneration. Internationally, expropriation without compensation is only permitted in very limited circumstances.

“It would be extremely unfair and unacceptable to target farmers, who use land productively to feed the people of South Africa, by taking away their property without compensating them,” Kriek says.

Agri SA will go to the Constitutional Court if needed to defend the principles of equity and protection of the rights of the individual.

Dan Kriek
Agri SA, President
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Annelize Crosby
Agri SA, Head of Centre of Excellence: Land 
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