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Agri Noord Kaap

Omri van Zyl, CEO of Agri SA. (Picture supplied)

Since Omri van Zyl took over the reins at Agri SA in December last year, the organisation’s communications strategy is virtually on steroids.

In addition to a new website and the use of social media across the whole available spectrum, a branding and value-proposition strategy has been developed to redefine the agricultural sector locally and internationally.

According to Van Zyl, a legal eagle who worked at Deloitte for 15 years, a South African farmer is far more than a guy on a tractor; South Africa’s approximately 35 000 commercial farmers, 250 000 small-scale farmers and 2.5m subsistence farmers make an extremely important contribution to the wealth of the country.

In fact, the sector’s contribution to the GDP is approximately 20% if agriculture’s total value chain is taken into account.

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